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SonicsArena_Looking_Southeast_800wThanks for your massive outpouring of support at the Public Hearing! We packed the house and cut through the opposing noise while remaining respectful and tactful. Outstanding work!

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Honorable Councilmembers:

Please vote YES to approve the Occidental Street Vacation for the SoDo Arena. Below are several key reasons why this is an important, prudent and justified step for the future of our region:

– This is a unique opportunity in our region’s history. It offers our city a positive opportunity to maximize the infrastructure improvements and community benefits made possible by significant new private investment into our city. The vacation of the one-block stretch of Occidental Avenue South is the final step in a lengthy and costly EIS process. Vacating this street will put our city in the best place possible to bring an NBA franchise back to Seattle and creates an opportunity for any NHL investor who wants to bring professional hockey back to Seattle, as well as providing a much needed modern venue for concerts, conferences, conventions and community gathering events.

– The arena investment team spent many millions of dollars getting the arena solution to this point including acquiring the land, architects, economic studies, lawyers, traffic engineers and environmental studies. After considering impact on existing SoDo operations, Hansen pledged an additional $40 million in private money in a City and County managed SODO Transportation and Infrastructure Fund. They have acted in good-faith and done everything asked of them over the past four years, and the Stadium District will be complete with bike paths, pedestrian walkways and mass transit integration.

– Mr. Hansen has entered into Labor Peace Agreements with a coalition of unions to make sure arena workers are paid a living wage and everyone gets their fair share. Union support includes UNITEHERE Local 8, Service Employees International Union Local 6, and Teamsters Local 117.

– The SoDo arena location is in the area zoned for sports facilities. It is also in the largest transportation hub in the region with Link Light Rail, a Sounder train line, three bus rapid transit lines, 21 Metro bus lines, 9 Sound Transit Express bus lines, 2 state ferry routes, 2 interstate freeways converging in this neighborhood. No other site in the region has these transportation assets, which is why the two existing sports facilities are located there.

– The Final Environmental Impact Statement was clear that the arena would have no significant unavoidable adverse impacts to the street system, public transportation, bicyclists or bicycle corridors. The FEIS found that the change in traffic volumes caused by the arena falls with the range of current experience and that this portion of Occidental does not serve as a critical function to the street grid and does not serve a critical function to maintain freight mobility. Furthermore, the current proposal would make Seattle owners of the “Greenest arena in the country,” which we should embrace as our region leads the way on environmental and climate issues.

– Arena opponents have failed to provide any legitimate data supporting their claims against the arena, relying instead on unsubstantiated fear tactics and an unethical disinformation campaign. Arena supporters are an organized local constituency that represents the will of the people. We will be heavily active in future election cycles.

– The SDOT commissioned multi-modal transportation and parking study found that Arena event traffic is well within the existing parking, traffic and transit capacity of the area. The Seattle Downtown Design Review Board voted unanimously to approve the arena design and the Design Review Commission voted unanimously after 10 meetings over a period of 3 years to recommend approval of the street vacation.

– Unlike past stadium proposals, the SoDo Arena plan utilizes a revolutionary private-public partnership that protects citizens and reduces public risk to zero. This is not a giveaway to a billionaire; this is a local Seattle son generously giving back to his city with hundreds of millions of his own dollars invested to provide much-needed public infrastructure for the region. All public bonds are repaid by revenues generated exclusively within the arena, so only those who use the facility pay for it, and Mr. Hansen has included safeguards on future improvements that will revitalize the area with valuable infrastructure using private investment dollars for guaranteed, measurable public benefit.


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What is the goal of the Sonicsgate, and the grassroots movement it has become?

We are huge NBA basketball fans and loved the Sonics more than anything. They left in 2008, not because of a lack of fan support, but because a perfect storm of unfortunate political and corporate circumstances formed to rip the team away. By educating the public about how Seattle truly lost the team, we hope to build momentum for bringing an NBA team back to Seattle and restoring the 41-year legacy of the Seattle SuperSonics. This includes restoring the team name, colors, and all the history and official records that are currently owned by OKC. We will not rest until the Sonics’ retired jerseys and banners are rightfully restored, hanging in the rafters of a new arena for the Sonics.

How can I help the cause?

Buy a DVD, tell your friends, support the Chris Hansen arena proposal at, and never forget the 41-year basketball legacy of our region.